Monday, September 1, 2014

Things I wish someone would have told me before I had a baby

Since my son is just about 3 1/2 months old, I'm sure this list will needed edited as I go. Work in progress, just like our children right?

1. Newborn smell is addicting
2. It's really hard. It's awesome, but mostly it's hard.
3. Even though it's hard, it's the best feeling ever.
4. It's okay to get frustrated and give your child off for a little "Papa time"
5. Breastfeeding isn't instinctual. You will have to learn
6. Poop really doesn't bother you when it's your own kid's poop (at first)
7. But anything you were queasy to before, might still bother you
8. Pregnancy hormones are just replaced by mom hormones. You'll still cry at Hallmark commercials.
9. Invest in a good camera with a long battery life.
10. You'll take a million pictures of your child. Most of them he/she will be asleep.
11. It's unreasonable to think you will get a picture of your child in EVERY. SINGLE. OUTFIT.
12. Number 11 is so true, it needs an extra number
13. Babies are tougher than you think
14. No matter what you do, or how you parent... Someone else thinks you are doing it wrong. Don't stress.
15. Parent how you feel comfortable. If your baby is fed, clothed, happy and healthy. You're doing it right.
16. The best thing in the world is baby snuggles.
17. Followed very closely by baby laughs.
18. Your baby is unique and doesn't need to hit milestones as quickly/slowly as other children.
19. Sleeping through the night is a myth. Not all babies will EVER sleep through the night. Some will though.
20. People really don't jump at the chance to come see you and the baby when you come home. Prepare for loneliness, it will be okay. Make yourself frozen cookie dough and plenty of crockpot meals so you can just focus on the baby and taking naps.
21. Showers become a lot shorter as a mom
22. It physically hurts to hear your baby cry
23. You'll be able to spend hours watching him/her sleep.
24. Someday, you will notice your baby woke up in the bassinet and you will PRAY to God he/she didn't see you as you duck out of the room for a second.
25. You'll eventually stop changing baby's clothes every time something gets on them. You'll start assessing for how bad it is first.
26. However many clothes you think you baby needs for an outing, double it, just in case.
27. Never leave the house with less than 4 diapers.
28. Your baby WILL poop, 45 seconds after you put a fresh diaper on him/her. Not always, it will be random. So that is fun.
29. Babies don't need to bathe every day. Don't feel bad if it's been a few days and you haven't fit a bath time in.
30. Play games with your baby and have fun. They don't know about life's major stresses. Enjoy watching the world through their eyes.

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