Friday, September 5, 2014

You! Lingerie

I was so excited to get the mail today! Let me show you why: 

These arrived this morning. They. Are. Gorgeous. 

The top one is a soft, silky cup with a hot pink lace frame, hot pink straps and hot pink nursing clips. Super cute. 
The bottom one is a hot pink cup, covered in gray lace with gray straps that include a hot pink bow above each hot pink nursing clip. 

Yes, you read correctly. These are NURSING BRAS. And they're beautiful! My boobs are grateful. They've been feeling rather unloved lately being clad in boring, ugly bras. Now they feel alive, they feel sexy. I'm not sure why I'm talking about them like they are their own people (but maybe they are)

The best part? They're AFFORDABLE! They actually run a little less expensive than the boring but functional Motherhood Maternity bras that I had purchased reluctantly while I was pregnant. I love these so much more! 

I've been wearing the gray lace bra for 5 hours now and it's just as comfortable as some of my uglier bras, and more comfortable than others. This bra is a total winner. I can't wait to order more. I need one of every style. Every color. Why should nursing mean you can't be sexy also? It doesn't! Thank you, You! Lingerie! 

Let me recap for you why I'm in love. 
  1. They came shipped faster than I expected
  2. They were not expensive at all, I bought two for around the price of one MM bra
  3. They're soooo pretty
  4. I feel like gorgeous needs to be mentioned also
  5. I got a thank you card with my purchase. It's a very awesome touch that definitely left an impression. 

*These opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post nor was I given these bras for review. They were a paid purchase and I will purchase again. But I won't turn down a bra if You! Lingerie feels like sending one.*

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