Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So, unfortunately there has been a lot of funny stuff that has happened in the past 13 weeks. You miss all of it. I can't make it funny again.

We're going to just have to start from today. And that's okay because I can fill in some holes as I remember them.

My son is 13 weeks as of tomorrow. Quick, do the math. That's 3 months and a week. He needs to stop growing already. It's making mommy sad. Either that or he needs to start pulling his weight around here and mow the lawn.

I'm mostly kidding about the lawn.

My son has started teething. I'm sure of it. He's been gnawing on his hand a lot recently and drooling more. I figured he was gearing up for some teeth but I also figured that I would have another month or so before that happened. Mom Fail.

Today I have him swaddled up and sleeping on my bed while I fold the laundry. I need to get caught up before I leave town in two days for my sister's wedding in Mississippi. (Yes, I packed enough diapers for the kid. We'll be gone for 4 days, I'm sure 68 diapers will be enough)

He wakes up and is hungry so I nurse him. While he is nursing, he starts pulling his ear and unlatching to relatch again or act like he can't find the milk source. I somewhat casually make a mental note that maybe he is teething and ignore it.

Within an HOUR he is screaming inconsolably and I'm frantically running around the house looking for my teething necklace for him to chew on. Where did I put that thing? WHY DID I TAKE IT OFF?!

I gather EVERY single teething toy in the house and take it to my room. Every. Single. One. Nothing. He's nt chewing on them. He's just crying. I'm feeling pretty frantic and awful at this point. I was determined that I wouldn't be the mom that dosed her kid up. No other choice. He needed relief. So I changed his diaper, gave him a dose appropriate for his weight and went back to hanging out with him on my bed.

After the dose I nursed him again and I could tell a difference when it started kicking in. He started nursing more normally again. And, in classic baby style, he ended the nursing session with clamping down (ouch), straining... and then dumping a big load in the freshly changed diaper.

Thankfully he is sleeping in my lap right now, and I am sane enough to tell you all about my now somewhat laughable time skidding in my socks through my house searching for something to soothe my son. It's funny because it's not still happening. Also, I'm hoping that last teething ring is under the blanket somewhere and not going to be found with bare toes in the middle of the night.

Next mom fail for today. My son is sleeping in my lap... and I'm starving. It's not even worth moving him today.

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